Abigail Erickson

Going to a Christian higher education institution is about living out who Jesus wants each of us to be, and finding our calling through him. Abigail Erickson’s journey with Christ has brought her from Indonesia to the United States, in search of refining her art and relationship with God. After enrolling at her Christian college, Abigail found a community of like-minded academic young adults who also put a distinct emphasis on spirituality. She found that she could not only excel academically, but have deeper discussions of faith with those around her.

Rather than being sheltered from the world, Abigail found herself dealing with the most pressing current issues and directly confronting them through her faith. Growth through Christian higher education for Abigail meant not only advancing as an artist and scholar, but as a disciple of Christ.

Abigail recently graduated as an art major, learning from her professors that there’s more to the world than aesthetic beauty. With art as a medium for expressing her faith, Abigail was able to help draw publicity for ministry trips and join a Christian publication after graduation. Whether it’s her time in campus ministry or taking classes on spiritual practices, Christian higher education prepared Abigail for a life filled with faith and meaning—both professionally and personally.