Gabriela Vela

While looking at colleges, Gabriela Vela wanted a place where she could grow theologically. The ability to grow her faith—not only through courses, but from conversations with her peers and mentors—was essential to her decision about where she wanted to continue her education. In Christian higher education, Gabriela found that disagreements led to the examination of one’s own beliefs, refining them and strengthening faith through new encounters. 

In her courses and conversations with instructors and peers, the common theme for Gabriela was a community that pushed her to be a better person. This was rooted in a concerted effort to help students find what Christ calls them to do with their lives. Each person is greater than themselves, and finding this purpose is the foundation of a love built in Christ’s image.

Gabriela’s time in Christian higher education brought her to the law. Dreaming of practicing immigration law, Gabriela wants to make a tangible difference for people in need. Her journey with Christ has brought her to a career where her talents and passions intersect, giving meaning to every day and putting her on the path to a life of fulfillment. 

Gabriela believes that she’s gotten the best college experience possible because she has been pushed to live her values and follow her passions, even when those goals seem out of reach. With her Christian community by her side, Gabriela feels that she can attain more than ever and live out her purpose.