Morgan Champion

Morgan Champion was diagnosed at a young age with cerebral palsy, suffering from incorrect brain signals sent to her legs that make it difficult to walk. Growing up in an extremely supportive Christian family, Morgan knew she could do anything she put her mind to. But there was still some nervousness over what college and independence would look like for her due to her disability. She had felt the stares in public, and knew that not everyone was open to accepting her as she was. 

Coming into an institution of Christian higher education, Morgan found that instead of judgment, all around her was a sense of home. Empathy and love were the foundations of every interaction, though she was never just “the girl in the chair.” Pushed to be the best she could be, she was “Morgan” first and foremost. Through hard work building relationships and bonds, Morgan created a new home for herself alongside her fellow students.

For Morgan, Christian colleges are about surrounding yourself with good people; they exist to create a community of caring individuals who know each person’s value and what that they bring to the world. Morgan’s disability does not define her; it’s just one part of who she is. She brings joy to campus and insights to the classroom as a divinity student.

Morgan’s journey inspired her to take up ministry, and she graduated with a degree in religion. Her journey in Christian higher education has only strengthened her faith in the Lord and His reasons for making her different, and now she’s bringing this inspiration to congregations herself.