Paul LeBlanc

Paul LeBlanc’s dream of becoming a doctor isn’t just about healing others physically, but having the ability to provide spiritual and mental comfort to those in need. Serving not just the body, but the eternal soul as well was just as important for Paul in his decision to go into medicine. Attending a Christian college let Paul combine those approaches, allowing him to strengthen his faith while gaining a rigorous scientific education.

Faith and science don’t need to be separate, and they aren’t contradictory to each other. Paul believes that by deepening his knowledge of both science and the Bible, he can better understand the world that the Lord has created and grow his faith even more. 

At every step, Paul’s professors make it clear that they love their students and the Lord, and are there to support each individual’s journey to bring themselves closer to Christ. Every student isn’t just a face in a classroom. Instead, each is a distinct person and fellow follower of Christ that they are helping along their own faith journey. 

Academic rigor is important, but Christian higher education prepares students like Paul for an even more important purpose: going out into the world and sharing God’s love. Paul is proud to go to a Christian university. He’s proud to live a life of service, and knows he can do it not only as a doctor, but as a spiritual companion for anyone in need.