Joseph Otoshi

College doesn’t have to be exclusively about growing academically. Joseph Otoshi found that Christian higher education lifted him up holistically, deepening his relationship with the Lord while also preparing him for the next phase of his life. 

Joseph’s journey has never been easy. Suffering a severe hip injury that sidelined him from sports for more than six months, Joseph struggled to understand God’s plan for him. But his healing process included reconciling his injury with God, and his faith emerged stronger than ever before. This helped shape what he searched for later in life, looking for higher education that would not only prepare him for a career, but nurture him spiritually—both through his student community and his interactions with professors.

This journey of faith continues through Christian higher education, where Joseph has found his relationship with God to be more personal than ever. Through relationships formed through a shared love of music and a mentor in his engineering department, Joseph’s faith-based community continues to grow and push him along the path to service to others. Joseph’s professors help him professionally and personally, pouring into him their life advice so that he can succeed after he leaves. 

Whether it’s analytical thinking skills or spiritual guidance, Joseph’s time in Christian higher education has equipped him to bring God with him no matter where he finds himself after college. Every part of Joseph’s faith journey has prepared him for the challenges ahead, and he’ll always have his struggles and triumphs to look back on with pride.