Jameson Logan

For Jameson Logan, Christian higher education is the pursuit of truth through both faith and academics. Touring colleges of all kinds, he came to a Christian college because of its focus on developing excellent students, people, and Christians. Being a Christian is a 24/7 commitment for Jameson, and he wanted an education that reflected this in the classroom and how it prepared him for life after college. 

Upon his arrival at the college, Jameson found endless opportunities through sports, music, academics, and a rich spiritual campus life that are preparing him for his future. Jameson’s experience is a testament to Christian higher education shaping the next generation of leaders not only in mind and body, but in spirit as well. 

With strong interests in business and mathematics, Jameson gravitated towards economics as a way to apply his strong analytical skills to real-world problems and business. His education doesn’t just help him understand the financial world, but equips him with the tools and scriptural knowledge to bring a Christian perspective to his career.

Faith inspired Jameson to reconcile the truths of God’s world and the Bible, diving into apparent contradictions and coming out with answers that shape who he is today. The business world presents another opportunity to bring God’s truth to others and help improve the world around him. Jameson’s identity as a Christian doesn’t start when he clocks out; instead, it informs every decision he makes and is strengthened by his time at a Christian higher education institution. Wherever God takes Jameson next, he knows he’s ready to share his knowledge with those around him and live out his faith in a way that’s true to himself.