Jessica Acosta

Finishing high school in Mexico, Jessica Acosta faced the decision of where she was going to continue her education. She felt called by God to come to California, and worked to improve her English and make the best of the opportunities in front of her. Admittedly nervous about what a Christian college would look like, she didn’t know what to expect or how it would be different. But what she found was a community of educators that pushed her to be a better person. 

For Jessica, there were times when she felt God was confronting her in class with things she herself was struggling with. Instead of being sources of judgment, her professors and classmates supported her through her uncertainties and helped her come out more certain than ever of her purpose. These moments of growth helped her decide what kind of Christian she wanted to become, always progressing on her journey to grow closer to Christ.

Jessica’s work to understand herself continued through her passion for photography. Through pictures, she finds that she can overcome any language barrier and share the emotions and stories behind her subject’s image. Her own story is one of a leap of faith, leaving behind all of her plans in Mexico for a chance to grow closer to God in Christian higher education. She hopes to bring universal truths to those around her and help tell the stories of her own community.