Justin Stuckey

Justin Stuckey’s path hasn’t always been clear, but each step has brought him closer to God and God’s vision for his life. Although Justin once had dreams of playing football, his life took a turn when friends encouraged him to branch out and try track. Taking a leap of faith, Justin pursued the high jump, eventually earning a position on his college’s track and field team. With Christ alongside him, Justin has now gone on to be a two-time All-American athlete and recently made his first Olympic trials appearance. As Justin puts it, “When He opens a door, you have to go through it. And don’t try to close a door that He opens.” 

The doors he’s found at his university aren’t just in athletics, he has also found a second home by connecting with other students in campus ministry. But helping your fellow students connect to God can be a lot of pressure, and came as an unexpected role for Justin. But he found that with God and a strong Christian community at his back, he could meet these challenges and excel more than he ever thought possible. Through good times and bad, Justin knows that he has a rock-solid foundation through his faith. 

With a diverse community of students from all over the world, Justin’s Christian higher education journey has been enriched by his exposure to those on different paths and knows that there’s always going to be someone who’s been there before you. With God and his fellow students there to help him make those tough decisions in life, Justin is moving forward more confident than ever in his ability to succeed and live the life that God’s planned for him.