Ruby Aguilar

Coming into college, Ruby Aguilar was nervous: she was a first generation student with El Salvadoran parents, and didn’t know if she would find the acceptance she was looking for. But what Ruby found through Christian higher education was a community that welcomed her with open arms. The most important thing she learned at her Christian college was a universal truth that strengthened her own beliefs: how to be an empathetic person.

Ruby had debated becoming a doctor before entering college, but was uncertain about whether that was truly right for her. With a trusted mentor at her side, Ruby explored her options and found that what spoke to her instead was youth outreach and helping others grow the way that she had through Christian higher education. Through her own journey with Christ, Ruby had found that being a source of support and encouragement for the next generation was the right path for her.

In Christian higher education, Ruby found the place that was right for her. Her status as the daughter of immigrants helped her add a new perspective to her university’s community. Rather than be interrogated about her background, she was able to explore her own relationship with Christ in college—even if that meant something different from her peers. 

In Christ, Ruby discovered the power of empathy and the lives it could change all around her. Now she brings everything she’s learned from her time in Christian higher education to be a better teacher, bringing that same empathy to her students every day in her own classroom.